About the Project

The Pennsylvania Storm Water Management Act (Act of Oct. 4, 1978, P.L. 864, No. 167), herein after referred to as "the Act" or as "Act 167," provides for the regulation of land and water uses for flood control and stormwater management purposes. The Act authorizes a comprehensive stormwater management program designed to preserve and restore the flood carrying capacity of the Commonwealth’s streams, preserve natural stormwater areas, and encourage planning and management of stormwater runoff consistent with sound water and land use practices.

The Act directs counties to prepare and adopt a stormwater management plan for each designated watershed in the county. Counties may elect to complete Act 167 plans for individual watersheds, for a group of watersheds, or for all watersheds within the county. Allegheny County desires to complete a county-wide Act 167 plan for reasons of efficiency and economy, and to ensure the County as a whole is in compliance with applicable state and other laws. Although the planning process is led by the County, it requires firsthand knowledge and input from municipalities and other applicable governmental agencies to be successful.

Between 1986 and 1998 Allegheny County completed six Act 167 plans for nine of its designated watersheds, covering approximately 45% of Allegheny County’s land area. In 2010, an updated Act 167 plan, known as the North Hills COG Act 167 plan was prepared for the watersheds of Girtys Run, Pine Creek, Deer Creek, and Squaw Run. With the exception of the watersheds covered by the North Hills COG Act 167 plan, none of the other Act 167 plans have been updated or revised since they were adopted. The remaining watersheds in Allegheny County are not covered by an Act 167 plan. This endeavor is an implementation strategy of Allegheny Places, the Allegheny County comprehensive plan.