Municipal Problem Areas Map

Please complete the Municipal Problem Areas Map in order to document existing and future stormwater-related issues within Allegheny County's municipalities. The map and form are used together to pinpoint stormwater problem locations (areas that flood frequently such as stream banks, roads, landslides, or turbidity problems) throughout Allegheny County.
1. To explore the map, visit:

You can use the navigation controls the same way as GoogleMaps. Use the plus sign to zoom in, the minus sign to zoom out, and click and drag to pan around the map.

2. Once you navigate to a problem location, click "Add Place," located to the left of the map near the top. You will see a placemarker appear in the center of the map. Select the color of your placemarker to match the type of problem you are describing using the key below.

3. Move your placemarker to the right location by clicking and dragging it into place.

4. In the white box on the left, name your placemark with your municipality and sequential numbers. For example, if you are from Duquesne and this is the first problem location, the name is Duquesne-1; the second location is Duquesne-2, and so on.

5. Provide a brief description of the problem location - including cross streets, neighborhoods, etc - and of the problem. This description will be public; it is useful if we need to get more information from you on a particular spot, so be as descriptive as needed. If your placemarker refers to something on the web (a photo, a news article, etc), you can enter the web address in the "Link" field. If you have additional notes you would like to share with the planning team without sharing publicly, enter it in the "Note" field.

6. Click "Complete" to add your placemarker to the map. All map markers and descriptions are moderated, so your marker won't show up immediately on the map - it has to be approved by the webmaster first.

7. For each placemarker you add to the map, complete Form A below. So, if your municipality has 8 problem location placemarkers, you should fill out 8 forms.
If you have questions on how to use this application, feel free to Contact Us or call the webmaster at 215-446-5193. You can also download instructions from the Resource Center.